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Digital Art Week

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This week goes under the flag of digital art for me thanks to a couple of links from friends.

First of all, my friend Tanya Ostroverhova sent me a link to the exhibition of mobile phone pictures by her son Egor Abaturov.

The page starts with a lot of right-up in Russian. Don’t be spooked, scroll down, you’ll get to the pictures pretty soon.

Another digital art discovery of mine is International Association of Mobile Digital Artists or iAMDA.

The site is very large and I am only at the beginning of exploring it myself. Will report more later. For now, I just wat to say that mobile digital media seem to be opening more and more of new convinient on-the-go tools for creativity. An artist can create now everywhere and any time, not just in a studio and with a large arsenal of physical objects like paints, canvases and so on. Mobile phone can be one’s art-studio in a poket!


Written by marina kim

April 16, 2011 at 11:25 am