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Russian Art Collective “Voina”

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This morning they were featured on BBC internet site, and that’s the first time I heard of the Russian Art Collective “Voina”.

I do feel pointlessness of the sort of art I produce. Until recently I also didn’t know what the alternative was due to my general ignorance in the field of contemporary art. Thank God, People or Whatever for the Internet – the interactive tool of enlightenment. I can see now, that there IS art which is not entirely useless – Political Art.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I do not have guts neither the inventiveness to do anything as daring as they do at the risk of getting into jail. Still, there is room for everyone in this War (that’s how “voina” translates into English).

This interview with the leader of the group, who is presently aparently in London, is in Russian without subs. Was filmed September, 2010.


Written by marina kim

March 31, 2011 at 10:56 am